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Promijenti LLC helps people and organizations deal with change and communicate more effectively. Principal Karen Frankola writes a wide variety of internal and external communications for global corporations, including ghost writing for executives.  She is a published author who has blogged for the Huffington Post and regularly contributes to Blue Hare magazine. 

Please review examples of her work or learn more about the services she provides.

Featured Article - (ghost-written) 

"Robotic process automation combined with AI can help automate compliance"
Featured Blog - Huffington Post
"Millennials: It’s Time to Start Talking to Strangers"

My ghostwriting for corporate clients includes writing thought leadership by interviewing subject matter experts, executive presentations and emails, and marketing materials 

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Advance Auto Parts

American Airlines


Carnival Cruise Lines




EY (Ernst & Young)

Gilead Sciences



Mellon Bank



Morgan Stanley



Client List:

Companies intent on driving efficiencies in compliance management have increasingly turned to robotic process automation (RPA), which helps deliver operational and cost efficiency, while improving quality by reducing human errors. But using RPA alone has its limitations.

It mimics human behavior, but it cannot learn from mistakes or evolve with changing business environments. As a result, technology-savvy organizations are gradually looking to enhance their automation efforts with artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

All too often, when I meet person in their 20s, I walk away baffled. I ask my new acquaintance questions about their life, work, and/or interests. They chatter away happily, but ask me nothing in return. It’s like I’m a tennis coach, lobbing ball after ball over the net, without getting a chance to hit anything myself.

Is this because Millennials are too self-absorbed?  Seventy percent of Americans call this generation selfish.


Don’t they realize that asking questions is essential to learning more about the world? Perhaps all those lessons about stranger danger have made it difficult for them to appreciate that every conversation with a person they never met represents a tremendous opportunity.

  • Writing and editing:

    • Thought leadership

    • Executive presentations, emails, blogs. articles

    • Speechwriting

    • Online content

  • Communications strategy

  • Change management:

    • Sponsorship coaching​

    • Communications

    • Training plans

    • Resistance management

    • Reinforcing change

  • Classroom and online training and instructional design​


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